Photos from the 2014 Alumni Meet (12-26-2014), Hoover Meet, & Brunswick Meet– Thank you Dan Draiss!
Use password “Falcons1415”

 2014 Firestone High School Kids Helping Kids Swim Marathon Movie

2013 Firestone High School Kids Helping Kids Swim Marathon Movie

2012-2013 FHS Swimming Meet & Event Photos

Fear Factor photographs. These are not for the faint of heart.

The Alumni Meet photographs are now up!

And the Christmas Invitational Finals photographs.

Here are the Christmas Invitational Meet Prelim photographs!

Mason Meet photographs are here. Check them out.

Hawken Meet photographs are here! Thanks to the Belangers.

The Ned Reeb Invitational photographs are now available on the Belanger’s gallery. Enjoy! No password this time.

Here are the photographs from the Solon meet courtesy of the Belanger’s. The login is “falcons” and the password is “falcons”.

The 2011-2012 team and individual photographs are now available through is user-friendly. To download the whole folder click on “Folder Options” (upper right on page) then choose download folder. Kathy Daneshvar has agreed to leave the link up until the end of January, so please download your photographs before then. Thanks, Kathy, for all the hard work.

Two more additions. Here are photograph galleries from the 2011 Marathon and the Green and Gold meet. The photographs are all downloadable, so it’s not too late to add some great action shots to your holiday greeting cards! The username and password for these galleries are “falcons”.

Here’s a great new movie from the Belangers from the marathon!

Check out the first collection from the 2011 Triathlon. The username and password for this gallery are “triathlon”. (Note: these logins are case-sensitive so use all lowercase letters.)

We are completely reworking the Photos page of the website. We won’t be using Photobucket any longer, but rather providing you to links to on-line photo albums posted by the family and friends of Firestone swimmers. Thanks a million to the Belanger’s for taking this project on.